EMI Material & Thermal Technical Adviser


• Thank you for choosing our EMI materials, thermal interface materials and radiator products, we will continue to provide professional technical support and intimate business services.

• If you use EMI materials, thermal interface materials and radiator products (not limited to Aerobao products) such as installation difficulties, wear, corrosion, or electromagnetic interference EMI problems or heat dissipation problems, we can conduct on-site inspection and analysis, propose targeted control means, and open up multiple laboratories of Aibang Technology, such as physics laboratory, chemistry laboratory, reliability laboratory, EMI shielding anechoic chamber or absorbing wave test system, thermal design laboratory, etc. to solve your problem together.

• If you only need to popularize the knowledge of electromagnetic shielding EMI and thermal materials or radiators, we can design the corresponding courses according to your needs, and conduct lectures or technical exchange meetings on EMI and thermal conductive Thermal products and solutions within the enterprise to improve the technical level of EMC design and thermal design.