System Cooling Solution Design Service

Professional thermal design Engineering teamIs able to provide product-level thermal design schemes, conduct 3D modelling, select thermal conducting materials, design thermal conducting structures according to customers' product requirements, and conduct thermal simulation design with professional thermal simulation software for customers.Most importantly to solve heat dissipation pain points for customers.

►Aerobao Technology's whole process of thermal design technical support and product services:

1. Customer needs: including product use environment, power consumption and layout

2. Scheme design: radiator design, thermal conductive gasket selection, etc

3. Thermal simulation: structural optimization

4. Rapid sample production: use our factory and professional and rich proofing experience of the engineering team for mold design and rapid proofing

5. Test: power test, wind tunnel test, noise test, vibration test, environmental test, etc

6. Mass production and mass production optimization: stable trial production and mass production quality control system (IATF 18949/APQP), and control costs with partners.