Flexible Functional Materials

Brief Introduction

Aerobao Technology,  In order to well Flexible  serve customers, to provide one-stop EMI and thermal solutions, although we do our best to meet customer requirements, but material solutions are a comprehensive subject, so we in addition to providing thermal interface materials, thermal adhesives and potting materials, electromagnetic shielding materials and components, as well as radiators, we set up a special team to develop and process materials and solutions closely related to EMI and thermal solutions, such as insulation materials and sealing, cushioning materials, etc.

EMI are mainly conductive materials, strictly speaking, conductive and insulation are symbiotic, just like thermal conductivity and thermal insulation, so we also provide a series of high-performance insulation materials to provide customers with professional value-added services.

We are experts in electromagnetic shielding material solutions, a large part of which are structural electromagnetic shielding solutions, and customers often expect us to provide structural functional gap filling materials, cushioning materials, dust-proof materials, etc.

In addition, Aerobao Technology also provides customers with the following services with years of material processing technology and capabilities:

1. Precision die-cutting processing of materials

2. Precision dispensing FIP

3. Design and provision of precision metal stamping tooling

4. Fast sample

5. Material performance test and customer product functional test