Aerobao's electrical shielding EMI and thermal thermal products have been playing a key role in the key electronic control units of new devices that are constantly evolving from industrial automation to smart meters, test and measurement, and industrial control. In addition, Industry 4.0 is accelerating the transformation of traditional manufacturing to a new level of connectivity, automation, and real-time intelligence. This means that electronic control equipment will have higher frequencies and more operating frequencies, and corresponding thermal problems and various EMI problems will appear, which need to be resolved.  



•Automated Industry

From autonomous mobile robots (AMR)/automated guided vehicles (AGV) in warehouse automation to robotic arms on the factory floor, Aerobao provides expertise to deal with electromagnetic interference EMI and heat dissipation challenges in various applications.

Examples include advanced thermal pads, thermal gel/thermal paste, and EMI shielding solutions to keep complex vision/camera subsystems cool and free of electromagnetic interference on automated guided vehicles.

Our R&D technicians also designed the most advanced phase change materials for the IGBT modules that drive the robot. These materials are silicon-free materials with high thermal conductivity and resistance to sag and overflow.


• Smart Meter

The engineers and scientists of Aerobao use their expertise to eliminate conducted and radiated EMI in the various subsystems that make up the smart meter.

Aerobao’s AERO-Sealor conductive rubber series, sealing rubber series, AERO-Cure conductive glue series, sealing glue series, AERO-E/B000X grounding reed and shielding cover series are all used in smart meters.




Test and measurement

As the data rate continues to increase and the frequency further enters the millimeter wave spectrum, EMI and thermal issues become more and more complex and intertwined. Aerobao electromagnetic shielding and thermal conductivity materials are used in equipment including high-speed/multi-head semiconductor testers, high-frequency analyzers and oscilloscopes, 5G wireless testers, and security/body scanners. Aerobao has been providing services to the industry for more than ten years, and provides the most extensive EMI and thermal solution portfolio, as well as the matching technical expertise-advanced EMI/thermal simulation to fully utilize the complete product line and Service layout.