Today’s information technology is leading the way and influences many businesses of our society including automotive industry. After 130 years since the first self-powered motor vehicle was born, digital information is generated, transmitted and collected in modern vehicles.


In recent years, with the rapid electronicization of the automotive industry, new energy, and customers’ requirements for comfort and safety, Aerobao Material Science has devoted more energy to helping customers in the automotive supply chain. Complex electronic design challenges mainly include the anti-electromagnetic interference EMI problem of the automobile module structure, the heat dissipation problem of the control unit, and the heat dissipation problem of the battery pack.

We strive to help auto designers avoid wasting energy and costs, and speed up the time to market of key auto parts.


•ADAS / Autonomous Driving System

Our engineering team has many years of knowledge and experience in radar and heat dissipation and is highly recognized by customers.

We can professionally apply extensive industry knowledge about sub-component design to help protect ADAS electronic components from electromagnetic interference, EMI, and overheating.

In terms of vision cameras, we have mature and highly reliable electromagnetic shielding materials and heat dissipation materials for engineers to choose from.

Products provided by Aerobao: absorbing materials, injection absorbing materials, conductive glue, conductive rubber, sealing rubber, thermally conductive gaskets, thermally conductive gel, thermally conductive absorbing materials, metal precision stamping parts, SMD grounding shrapnel, conductive foam cotton.





• Electric vehicle electronic control system
Aerobao technology engineer team uses professional industry knowledge about sub-component design to help protect the electronic equipment of the automotive power system from heat and EMI issues.

For example, PFC chokes and transformers have low power but generate heat. Each must be placed separately and hot potted. We provide highly reliable thermally conductive potting products.

Used in BMS, OBC, Converter DC/AC, AC/DC, BCM and other electronic control modules, the heat generated by various coils and transformers needs to be transferred to the housing. We provide thermal interface materials and thermal insulation materials to realize the conduction path Effectiveness and high reliability.

The functional requirements of various ECU control units are getting higher and higher, such as power steering control modules, central control modules, etc. In addition to heat dissipation requirements, the EMI requirements of powertrain electronic equipment have also been put on the agenda. Our expert team is working according to our Abundant EMI knowledge and customer engineers work together to solve EMI problems.

The products provided by Aerobao: conductive rubber, sealing rubber, thermal pad, thermal gel, thermal paste, metal precision stamping parts, SMD grounding shrapnel, insulating materials.


•EV/PHEV battery pack

Our team of engineers uses extensive industry knowledge about sub-component design to help protect EV/PHEV battery packs from overheating.

As the charging speed increases, the battery pack will emit more and more heat. Is the battery pack actively cooled or passively cooled? Does the thermal material have to act as a dielectric barrier? Is the packaging silicone or non-silicone? Does the thermally conductive material itself rely on mechanical support or is it highly flexible? These are all issues that need to be considered.

Based on years of heat dissipation material technology and radiator technology, Aerobao Technology can choose our highly reliable thermal interface materials, thermal pads, thermal gel, thermally conductive potting glue, thermally conductive adhesive materials, and insulating materials for customer engineers. Thermal insulation materials, sealing materials.




LED component system

Our team of engineers uses extensive industry knowledge about sub-component design to help suppress EMI crosstalk from LED automotive component systems and heat dissipation issues in LED car lights and their control systems.

Modern lighting systems consist of power supplies, digital control panels and light sources-all of which are ideally designed to be separated from each other. But pressure to reduce size often results in putting analog, digital, and optical functions together instead of electrically isolating them. This creates electromagnetic crosstalk and heat dissipation issues, and exposes optical components to processing chemicals required by analog and digital circuits. In addition, the working environment of the car light system is more complicated, and it needs to be sealed and dustproof.

Aerobao has a full range of non-silicone and low outgassing silicone pads, thermally conductive silicone materials, thermally conductive gels, and sealing rubber, conductive rubber, metal grounding shrapnel and other EMI and heat dissipation products. Our versatile solutions can help cool related components while suppressing EMI. It is important that we have experience to advise you on various strategies.


Infotainment/Trunking System

Our team of engineers uses extensive mechanical, thermal and electronic design industry knowledge to help protect infotainment/cluster systems from thermal and EMI issues.

Infotainment electronic equipment is adopting more powerful functions and higher computing speeds, leading to more obvious EMI and heat dissipation challenges. To

We cooperate fully with customers to eliminate the problems of unnecessary EMI and increasing heat load, and work with customers to bring products to the market faster.

The products provided by Aerobao: thermal interface materials, metal precision stamping parts, SMD grounding shrapnel, electromagnetic shielding materials, sealing materials, and insulating materials.